Why Work with Us

Why Work With Us

A lot of home owners will remark that it is challenging to obtain a dependable, qualified home repair person. You can count on the team of home improvement experts at your neighborhood Mr. Asim Muhammad Sharif location, which has nearly 200 locations across the Dubai. When something needs to be done at your house, calling your local Mr. Asim Muhammad Sharif is the ideal option for several reasons.

Local proprietors, national standards

A national franchise with high moral principles and service requirements is Mr. Asim Muhammad Sharif. Since we’ve been in operation for more than 25 years, we’ve made it our mission to provide homeowners with dependable, dependable, old-fashioned service. We are among the biggest networks of contractors for home renovation in the Dubai.


Nearly a million people have received services from us across the nation. Why so many? Perhaps it’s because we employ competent professionals with an average of 10 years of industry experience, or because we take a prompt, courteous approach to client care. Perhaps it’s because our technicians answer to both you and us. Perhaps it’s because we personnel are skilled in a wide range of tasks. We are the go-to company for homeowners that require dependable service and professional labour to complete tasks on time. We also offer a workmanship guarantee.

The Full Home Renovation Team

We’re a group; we’re not just one individual. You will collaborate with a whole team of home renovation experts when you choose us, starting with your initial phone call. You can count on outstanding service from everyone on our team, from our helpful customer service reps to our knowledgeable technicians and neighbourhood franchise owners.

Answering calls live

You won’t get an answering machine or have to wait for a call back for hours since we make it a point to answer every single call that comes into our office. We have a helpful team of office experts who can help you arrange appointments, send out calls as reminders, and assist with any inquiries you may have on how we operate or what to anticipate on the day of your service appointment.

Service Technicians

Service specialists from Asim Muhammad Sharif show up in vans bearing the company’s logo and are equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials. We respect you and your home; we wear boots to protect your floors and tidy up after ourselves. Please don’t be afraid to ask for assistance with any repair, maintenance, or improvement job. Our personnel are skilled in a wide range of disciplines. Have these abilities? Visit one of our independently owned and operated franchise locations to find out more about a career.

Call your local Asim Muhammad Sharif at (817) 567-2433 to request skilled handyman services for your residence or place of business.